How many rooms does live aqua have?

Let the seductive sophistication of our rooms embrace your senses. Find inspiration, relaxation and rest in one of our 371 recently renovated rooms. Restaurants and bars at Live Aqua Beach Resort CancunEating at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun is a pleasure, with eight restaurants and numerous bars and cafés. Designed to appeal to all your senses, the 371-room Live Aqua luxury all-inclusive resort is for adults only.

Live music performances are often offered at night, although some guests think that the nightlife here isn't as lively as in other resorts; most don't mind, as they come here looking for a quiet stay. Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun is for adults only, with sophisticated restaurants, a lively pool and a sensual aromatherapy concept. From the road, it seems that Live Aqua dominated the scene a few decades ago; the slightly inclined rectangular shape (actually curved) of the building, full of sharp lines and bright windows, is reminiscent of classic 80s architecture. For my last visit, late last month, I arrived to inaugurate Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana, the newest hotel in The Resorts by Fiesta Americana Collection.

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