Is it Safe to Travel to Latin America? A Comprehensive Guide

South America is a continent full of stunning beaches, volcanoes, and cities that attract millions of tourists each year. But due to the presence of rebel groups and their notoriously violent illegal drug trafficking, parts of the continent have been considered unsafe for tourism. However, with the right precautions and knowledge, it is possible to travel safely in South America. Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador are generally considered the safest countries for tourists to visit.

While some problems have been reported sporadically in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, travelers should still be aware of their surroundings and practice basic security. It is best to leave valuables at home and travel with caution. Solo travelers should stay in low-risk areas such as Bogotá, Colombia; Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Brazil; Santiago de Chile, Chile; Mendoza, Argentina; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is important to avoid going out alone at night and taking a taxi alone.

Kidnappings do happen, so it is best to use the buddy system as often as possible. Women travelers should also be aware that Women's Rights are not as progressive in South America as they are in the U. S., and they may experience cat calls or other annoyances from men. However, what they should really watch out for is wallet theft and other non-violent crimes.

Women travelers are vulnerable when they are alone, so it is best to travel in groups when possible. Racism is prevalent in South America, but the vast majority of locals are extremely hospitable and welcoming. BIPOC travelers should stick to tourism-focused locations where locals are more exposed to diversity and therefore more receptive. It is important to remember that South America has its own set of risks that travelers should be aware of.

To stay safe while vacationing in South America, it is best to download these 32 tips for safe travel as an e-book and take out long-term backpacker travel insurance. It is also important to use any locker provided when staying in hostels or private rooms. Overall, South America is a safe destination for travelers if they practice basic security and stay away from certain areas and activities. With the right precautions and knowledge, travelers can enjoy all that this continent has to offer.

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