Is punta cana a good place to take kids to?

We have prepared the best guide for visitors with the best options of things to do in Punta Cana with children. This incredible beach has something for every member of the family. Safety is always an issue when traveling with children, but the Dominican Republic is relatively safe and easy to travel with children. Compared to other parts of the Caribbean we've been to, the Dominican Republic is quite prosperous and most of the coastal towns are relaxed, quiet and safe.

Only some parts of Santo Domingo (which is the largest city in the Caribbean) can be quite dubious, but stay in the old town and you'll be absolutely fine. Are you curious to know what else this Caribbean jungle has in store for you? Here's a full countdown of the 14 best things to do in Punta Cana with kids. The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve showcases the dense and enchanting forested land that encompasses 1,500 acres. This forest reserve has hiking trails where children can let off some steam.

Other attractions include a petting zoo, a habitat for iguanas, fruit gardens and 12 freshwater lagoons. Hoyo Azul and Scape Park, Cap Cana, is a 247-acre tropical space with the most beautiful collection of birds, butterflies and wildlife. Monkeyland Plantation is a sanctuary with botanical gardens that are the perfect home for monkeys and their families. More than 20 squirrel monkeys have been raised here.

Monkeys have been trained to be comfortable with humans. Older children can take a dip in the regular-sized pools, go down the open water slides, the 10-meter water tubes, the waterfall and try the free-fall hot tub. Manati Park is an excellent option for families visiting Punta Cana because their children will learn a lot about marine animals and marine life while having fun at the same time. If you haven't yet decided what to do in Punta Cana with children, I recommend that you take them to Sirenis Aquagames.

The Blue Mall Punta Cana is an excellent option for shopping because it has numerous stores to choose from that have local and international brands. Punta Cana has it all, whether it's amusement parks, beautiful coastlines, shopping districts, museums, destinations for outdoor adventures and many more attractions for the whole family to enjoy. The resort also offers separate clubs for children and teenagers, and guests have access to some of the facilities at the Royalton Punta Cana next door. Punta Cana is perfect for all ages and offers plenty of space so you can move around comfortably if you're carrying a stroller.

The highlight of this resort is that it is possible to swim in Punta Cana right away both in the Caribbean Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean. There's nothing better than a day trip by road aboard a huge truck with comfortable seats and large outdoor windows that allow you to absorb all the details of Punta Cana. Manatí Park is a popular amusement park in Punta Cana that offers tourists the opportunity to get up close to dolphins and sea lions and see educational and fun shows. The “Seaquarium” in Punta Cana guarantees a wonderful stay aboard a modern snow-white catamaran.

Families also love Dreams Punta Cana's pool suites, which offer quick access to the pool (always a favorite for kids). Punta Cana is a Caribbean paradise full of interesting missions with many things that have yet to be unraveled. Fun activities to do in Punta Cana with young children are swimming in the shallow area of the RAD Park infinity pool and letting them run and splash around in the fountain area.

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