Is Yanet Garcia Still Doing the Weather?

Yanet García, a certified personal trainer, has come a long way since her days as a model. After landing a job on TV, she described it as a platform to make her dreams come true. She is now a trainer on the FitPlan app, a personal training application, and has launched a new website dedicated to health and fitness. García is known for her reporting on Televisa Monterrey, where she earned the nickname “La Chica del Tiempo Mexicana” (The Mexican Girl of Time).

She rose to wider fame after TMZ and Playboy described her as a girl who makes you want to see the weather forecast. Yanet has proudly assumed the power she wielded during the weather forecast and even found herself in Sharknado's fifth film because of it. Yanet now has 5 million followers on Instagram thanks to the obscene snaps she posts of herself wearing incredibly skeptical outfits. She also owns a modeling school called “Yanet Garcia Models” in her birthplace of Monterrey, New Mexico, according to LiveRampUp.

García seems to have improved over the years since the real low in Mexico City on that day was just six degrees, eight degrees below his forecast, while the maximum was a cold of 22 degrees. Although some may be critical of all the sexualized compilation videos on YouTube of Yanet García's weather segments, there is no doubt that she capitalized on this fame. While Yanet might be seeing someone new, it seems that she learned from the negative experience of dating FaZe Censor and is maintaining her personal life. Yanet makes sure to identify herself as La Chica del Tiempo Mexicana, the nickname she earned from all her segments on Televisa Monterrey. While she may not earn as much as Mia Khalifa, Yanet certainly benefits from the direct-to-consumer media business.

García is still known for her reporting, notably for how elegant she looked while doing it, even though she is no longer a weather lady for Televisa Monterrey.

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