Latin american travel?

LATA is the authoritative voice in Latin American travel. Find inspiration, vacation ideas and travel tips from specialists in the region, Travel Agents · About · Latest · Destinations. It may be one of the smallest nations in Latin America, but it can be safely said that Ecuador has it all. Between Spanish colonial architecture, cobbled streets, Andean villages, lush Amazon jungle, volcanic landscapes, exotic fauna and white sand coasts, a stellar variety of shows await those who visit this compact jewel.

For the avid adventurer, Ecuador's national parks are a paradise. Enthusiastic hikers will enjoy Cotopaxi National Park, where some of its fantastic walking trails gradually ascend to the edge of the snowy summit of Cotopaxi volcano, which stands as Ecuador's second highest peak at 5,897 meters. Several traditional haciendas also offer horseback riding through the park's Andean grasslands, an exciting challenge for the whole family. Another must-see, Yasuni National Park is an extraordinary area of unspoiled and protected rainforest, where you can expect to see a mix of exotic creatures not found anywhere else on earth.

Want to know what else our travel experts have to say about Ecuador? Lower my head. Whether you're looking for wine tastings, cultural immersion, or adventures in Patagonia in Chile, destinations across Latin America are as diverse as they are captivating. There is much to learn about this testimony of the ancient Inca civilization, and its lush green terraces, remarkably preserved against a backdrop of undulating Andean peaks, are, in short, spectacular. Enjoy spectacular landscapes, evocative cities and immaculate rainforests with a selection of Journey Latin America's award-winning Colombia vacations.

The Latin American Travel Association (LATA) is a membership association that aims to promote Latin America as a tourist destination and stimulate the growth of travel to the region. Join the largest Latin American Travel Trade Association in the world and interact with the growing LATA community. After spending part of her childhood in Colombia and working in Brazil and Costa Rica, Hannah's ties to Latin America are deep. Since 1998, the Latin America for Less team has been comprised of a diverse group of expert and professional travelers from cities across Peru and countries around the world.

Art lovers should visit the National Museum and the Chapel of Man by Oswaldo Guayasamín, a moving tribute to humanity and one of the most important works of art in Latin America. In the 20 countries that make up Latin America, many of the richest treasures that can be discovered are found in the smallest nuances of character.

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