What weather channel is yanet garcia on?

The IRISH-language television station, TG4, will announce the signing of the hottest weather girl in the world, Yanet Garcia, in a 3-year deal. She presents the weather on the Mexican television station Televisa Monterrey and has become loved by viewers for her figure-hugging outfits. Mexican news stations handle the entire weather segment a little differently. A lot of broadcasters aren't that worried about their weather girls being meteorologists; they just want them to be beautiful and fun.

There may be no better example of that than Yanet García, who regularly lights living rooms all over Mexico for Televisa Monterrey. Garcia is an elite fitness trainer on the FitPlan app, where she shares her diet and fitness routine with her subscribers. She was nicknamed the hottest weather girl by Playboy magazine and was also called the woman who encourages people to see the weather forecast. García also runs a modeling school, Yanet Garcia Models, where she trains and advises new and aspiring models.

Yanet García, 28, used to work as a model before landing a job on TV, which she described as a platform to make my dreams come true. García has said on multiple occasions that he felt very bad when he walked as a model in his skinny body. For her part, García has just responded to the very public dumping with a tweet that said 'heartbroken' before thanking the fans for their support and then sharing a new image showing her famous rear. According to FaZe, his relationship with Garcia began to crumble once he told him how much money he made from YouTube videos.

According to LiveRampUp, he also runs a modeling school in his hometown Monterrey, New Mexico called Yanet Garcia Models. Although García has been widely known as a 'Mexican meteorologist' or 'the sexiest meteorologist' in the world, there is no clear indication that she is, in fact, a meteorologist by training. He also indicated that Garcia was a micromanager and wanted to decide who could be FaZe's friends and who couldn't, and there was a lot of jealousy and uncertainty involved. Garcia had argued that FaZe's videos were popular because of his association with her and that she was also driving huge traffic to his videos.

Referring to her global fan following, Playboy magazine called her the woman who “encouraged people to follow the weather forecast.

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