The Most Peaceful Country in Latin America: Chile

Chile is the most peaceful country in Latin America, according to the latest Global Peace Index created by the Institute for Economy and Peace. It is extremely popular with expats due to its high standard of living, welcoming locals, reasonable cost of living, and beautiful and diverse environment. Costa Rica and Uruguay follow in 34th and 35th place respectively. However, the overall standings fell lower due to civil unrest, especially anti-government protests that can turn dangerous.

It is important to stay away from these protest marches and demonstrations to minimize risk. As with any other travel plan, travelers should take precautions before planning a trip to these countries to ensure that the right decisions are made. Panama is close to the center of the 10 safest countries in Latin America due to reforms that the government tried to promote and that were going to have a significant effect on marginalized groups. Peru is not very badly ranked on the list of the safest countries in Latin America, making it a must-see for tourists interested in the rich history of this region.

Central and South America have a reputation for violence and unrest, so it is important to learn about the countries you are considering long before you book those flights. Other countries generally considered dangerous in South America, such as Venezuela and Colombia, are not unsafe to visit in general. The countries of South America are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. Far from big cities, Chile's most beautiful areas are still very peaceful.

Therefore, it is reasonable to do some research on the safest countries in South America to prepare for an upcoming trip. The one that disappoints me the most to see so low in the ranking of the safest countries in Latin America is Colombia.

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