What is the treatment of women in iran?

Iran has no policies to prevent abuse, protect women and prosecute domestic violence, despite increasing reports of horrible femicides and women risking their lives to escape abuse. In many cases of femicide, prosecutors and judges do not usually push for appropriate penalties. To effectively support Iranian women in their different needs, it is vital to recognize the distinct identities and individual complexities behind the monolithic term “Iranian woman”. In addition, the number of educated women increased, but the problem of female unemployment in the labor market continues to exist.

The emergence of the Majilis (parliament) in 1911 by women demonstrated unprecedented political awareness of women, as well as public action. Finally, the general objective of girls pursuing higher education is to guarantee social status and, before the Islamic Revolution, higher education was primarily intended for wealthy women and women from real families. Islam does not prohibit women from participating in public life, but it is Iran's political and cultural climate that encourages women to practice a private domestic life.

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