Is punta cana safe for families?

Always take note of extreme weather warnings when planning your trip. Don't walk around the area alone, especially at night, 6 days ago. When it comes to the risk of terrorism, you can relax. The Dominican Republic is a very safe country.

However, terrorist risks cannot be predicted or ruled out, since the global threat exists. In reality, this is Punta Cana's only weak point: the lack of safe public transportation. If you're coming to Punta Cana for a couple of weeks or more, you'll need to rent a car. The only area where all infrastructure and facilities are within walking distance is Los Corales.

If you are staying in any other area, you will feel the need to have your own means of transportation. Speaking of maintaining safety in Punta Cana in terms of health, I would also like to take a look at the vaccination requirements in Punta Cana. When it comes to road transport in Punta Cana, there is a statistic that says that, in fact, Punta Cana is dangerous. In addition, with the exception of a few minor thefts, there is hardly any crime in Punta Cana that is aimed exclusively at tourists.

It's crucial to take steps to prevent mosquito bites, especially at dawn and dusk, such as using insect repellent, wearing long-sleeved clothing (especially long pants at night, as mosquitoes love to bite their ankles and feet), and sleeping under mosquito nets (or with air conditioning as in most resorts in Punta Cana, keeping room doors and balconies closed as much as possible during the day and night). Beach tour vendors are not recommended, as you'll never see them again after you've paid and you won't have any chance of getting your money back if the specific tour in Punta Cana is canceled (or if you want to postpone or cancel it). Cap Cana also receives a good amount of seaweed, even though most resorts, meanwhile, have a fence in the ocean that keeps most of them away. I doubt that there are official statistics, but I imagine that a few hundred visitors every year (among the more than 3 million tourists who visit Punta Cana every year) are stung by jellyfish in Punta Cana.

If you're staying at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, you probably won't have cash with you, as everything is included in your stay. With these safety tips in Punta Cana, you will undoubtedly have a great vacation in the Dominican Republic and have no problem staying safe. As you can see from those crime statistics, Punta Cana is considered to be relatively safer than New York or Miami. When planning your trip to the Dominican Republic, you should also pay attention to the Punta Cana travel recommendations from your national foreign affairs ministry, such as the U.S.

CDC. UU. In case you're wondering if it's safe to walk around Punta Cana, especially when leaving the resort, see this Punta Cana safety guide below, as there is a separate section on this topic. Especially the comparison with New York or Miami has shown that Punta Cana is no more dangerous than other typical American cities, so it could be even safer than in your hometown.

In general, they can be considered safe, since express kidnappings or taxi crimes are hardly known in Punta Cana. Use a waterproof case or bag to protect your phone and other electronic devices from getting wet, especially during a snorkel or catamaran excursion in Punta Cana or when you visit the famous Saona Island or Catalina Island. Always book excursions in Punta Cana through an accredited company such as Viator* or Get Your Guide* or with your hotel representative.

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