Is bavaro beach on the caribbean or atlantic?

In the Atlantic Ocean, on the east side of the Dominican Republic, is Punta Cana. Punta Cana is located on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Remember that Punta Cana is not just one beach, but several, many of which are usually among the best beaches in the world. The best beaches in the Dominican Republic occupy most of the island of Haiti.

There are also several small islands, and they seem extremely attractive in terms of tourist recreation. As the second largest state in the West Indies (after Cuba), the Dominican Republic has a long coastline of nearly 1,300 kilometers, suggesting an impressive number of large and small resorts. Since their land is bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, travelers often have doubts about some differences between these coasts, what they are, what part of the Dominican Republic is the best for a vacation and what beaches in the Dominican Republic to visit. The resort enchants vacationers with a harmonious mix of colonial, Victorian and modern architecture.

The nature of this area is very different from the nature of Punta Cana. Here you can enjoy incredible mountain landscapes, golden beaches of the Dominican Republic and restless ones, ideal for windsurfing and sea activities. Resting in Puerto Plata, you can visit the Amber Museum, Fort St. Philip (Fort San Felipe), built in 1540 to protect against attacks from the sea, the Independence Park, known for its Victorian buildings, the Cathedral of St.

Philip, a factory for the production of rum or chocolate, where you can buy gifts. In the southwest of Puerto Plata, the mountain Monte Isabel de Toros rises, at whose top (by funicular) you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the ocean, take a walk through the botanical garden and see the enormous bronze statue of Christ. Casa de Arte Sosua is an art gallery with exhibitions by local artists and photographic artists. A visit to the gallery is an excellent opportunity to compare the difference between the work of renowned artists and those whose creations are sold in local gift shops and on the beach.

Here, for the bravest there is a zip line and, for animal lovers, a mini-zoo with small monkeys, peacocks, birds and iguanas. Fans of extreme entertainment are recommended to visit The Pirate Adventure Park and ride a bungee, which extends to an altitude of about 120 meters above the ground. Part of the province of Samaná is also the small island of Cayo Levantado, also known as Isla Bacardi, where the first promotional video for this popular brand was recorded. And if you are lucky enough to be on the peninsula in February, your path must necessarily pass through the capital of the province, Santa Bárbara de Samaná, where a merengue, salsa and merengue festival is being held on these dates.

The Punta Cana resort is located in the east of the country, where the Atlantic Ocean becomes one with the Caribbean Sea. Punta Cana is famous for its vast white sand beaches that stretch for more than three dozen kilometers. Without false modesty, we can say that this is the best resort in the Dominican Republic today. The place is truly unique, full of exotic and picturesque landscapes.

The most popular is the Playa Bávaro area, which is located 25 kilometers from Punta Cana International Airport, while it has a developed network with all the main cities in the country. The Playa Bávaro area is a fairly famous and prestigious holiday destination, with more than 30 hotel complexes with a total of more than 13,000 rooms (the beaches of Bávaro, Cabeza de Toro, Macao, Punta Cana, Cortecito and Arena Gorda), which stretch for tens of kilometers from Macau to Punta Cana, on the golden beach coast of the Dominican Republic. Not far from the famous tourist resort of Punta Cana is the most refined, luxurious and prestigious resort of all the beaches in the Dominican Republic called “Bávaro”. This resort is called royal and not just because there are some of the best hotels in the world.

The resort itself is famous for its extraordinary beauty, which consists of large areas of white palm trees, such as snow, sand and tropical palm trees, which grow absolutely everywhere, both by the sea and around the pools. However, different resorts have their advantages and features, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the places and then choose where it is best to relax. The Cap Cana Resort is located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, just a seven-minute drive from Punta Cana International Airport. This is an exclusive and luxurious tourism, rental apartments, villas, which are famous for their impeccable service.

This complex plays an important role in the development of an exclusive hotel and real estate base in the Caribbean. If you prefer to walk to museums and other cultural sites, Boca Chica has nothing to surprise a tourist. In this case, choose excursions to Punta Cana or Santo Domingo. But here is a real paradise for lovers of beach holidays.

In addition, the managers of Poehalisnami, ua, recommend this address to lovers of exotic nature. Although the city can't boast of museums, it's worth buying a tour to Boca Chica to get to know the local beauties. Close to the complex are the islands of La Matica and Los Pinos. The entertainment offer at the resort is quite wide, especially when it comes to water sports.

Large-scale parties are organized on the city's beach at night. Santo Domingo is one of the most famous tourist centers in the Dominican Republic. And the point is not that it is the capital of the country. This city is a cultural center with a long history and traditions.

It was founded in 1496, and its founder is Bartolomeo Columbus, brother of a famous navigator. In addition to being the capital of the Dominican Republic, the city is the oldest settlement in the Americas, founded by Europeans. The cost of the lesson includes the rental of the equipment needed for the game, as well as the rental of a special machine to move around the field. Another popular golf club is Guavaberry Golf & Country Club.

There is an 18-hole course, as well as areas for horseback riding. Fans of extreme entertainment should visit the city of San Pedro de Macoris. Here, on a specially prepared track, you can drive on the map. The speed is high, so an adrenaline rush is provided.

Located on the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic. Where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet, there is the impressive Playa de Bávaro. Punta Cana is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and attracts more than four million international tourists, musicians and businessmen every year. Arena Gorda Beach is also nearby, with unlimited all-inclusive services and cold-water activities, as well as golfing nearby, at the Punta Cana Golf Club.

Together, Bávaro and Punta Cana combine to form what is known as La Costa del Coco, a 30-mile stretch of pristine coastline with at least ten different beaches worthy of a destination. .

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