What type of payment methods are accepted by the staff and vendors at an all-inclusive resort in punta cana bavaro beach?

Most vendors and tours in Punta Cana accept U.S. dollars as payment, even for tips. Don't waste time or money on exchange rates to exchange your dollars for pesos. As we have already noted, the official currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso.

However, U.S. dollars are widely accepted in Punta Cana. Therefore, most of the time you can pay in US dollars or exchange money for Dominican pesos at a bank or airport. Yes, we have an ATM at the hotel.

We recommend that you ask your bank before you travel about the fees and fees they may charge you. Also let them know that you will be using their card abroad to prevent it from being blocked for security reasons. Majestic Colonial Punta Cana requires at least 1 month before the wedding to have enough time to make all the necessary wedding arrangements and room reservations. Therefore, there are about 254 miles (408 kilometers) to get from Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) to Puerto Plata.

At Majestic Colonial Punta Cana, you may bring your own music on a smartphone or USB. If you are looking for an active and entertaining vacation, Majestic Colonial Punta Cana offers you leisure, fun and the opportunity to practice your favorite sports. Well, it will take about 4 hours to fly and the distance between Boston and Punta Cana is approximately 1650 miles (2655 kilometers). As you can see, you don't have to worry about that during your vacation in Punta Cana, as even tourists don't notice it.

If you're staying at an all-inclusive hotel or resort in Punta Cana, keep in mind that tipping is a must. However, you don't have to worry about being in Punta Cana because it's one of the best places to enjoy a paradisiacal vacation no matter the time of year. Receive up to two free green fees per guest for guests staying in The Club section of Majestic Elegance Punta Cana or Majestic Colonial Punta Cana. If the waiters at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana are very careless or hurrying you with food, then you might want to think twice about leaving a tip or, at least, reducing it.

The Punta Cana Princess has 256 charming luxury suites and 14 romantic honeymoon suites, all equipped with a thousand and one details, as well as a full range of services, including free Wi-Fi at the hotel. Majestic Colonial Punta Cana recommends that guests check with local health authorities before traveling. Therefore, it will take you approximately 243 miles (392 kilometers) or 5 and a half hours to get from Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) to Puerto Plata by car. The size of the rooms at Majestic Colonial Punta Cana ranges from 532 to 1064 square feet depending on the category selected.

The Majesic Colonial Punta Cana is wheelchair accessible and also has elevators available in each building to access all restaurants, theaters, lobbies, and other areas.

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