How many restaurants does live aqua cancun have?

A real treat for exquisite tastes · Varenna · MB · Carnivore · Sea Corner · Seven · Azur · Sushi Station · Egos Bar. A real treat for exquisite Carnivore flavors, a tribute to fire and grilling. Savor the taste of our restaurant in Cancun Located under the shade of a big tree, Varenna is a cozy corner of Italy that will captivate you. Delight your palate with delicious pasta, paninis, salads, calzones and, of course, pizzas.

Enjoy an exceptional evening at MB. Savor an exquisite dinner created with the flavor of Latin cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients and flavors from Mexico. Carnivore, a tribute to fire and grilling Let Mexican haute cuisine awaken each of your senses in an environment that combines the sophisticated style of Mexican art and pop art. The Azur restaurant, recently remodeled, is one of the most popular dining options at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun, due to its beachfront location and its exceptional gastronomic offer.

Live Aqua has 6 restaurants, as well as a sushi station and a cafeteria (delicatessen). There is also a buffet (breakfast, lunch and dinner), a surfboard and lawn grill for a fee, and 24-hour room service. Join Fiesta Rewards for an experience that goes beyond every trip, it's discovering more, living unique experiences and enjoying benefits designed to recognize you. With perks such as a VIP living room, a prestigious spa and a full aromatherapy program, Live Aqua has many attributes that set it apart.

With a wide variety of excellent restaurants, an impressive pool complex and views of the Caribbean Sea from almost every room, the luxurious, adults-only, all-inclusive Live Aqua Cancun Resort is a big step forward from most of the Strip's competitors. However, Live Aqua wins the pool war and has a friendlier and more attentive style of service. Under the expert supervision of executive chef César Germain, the restaurants at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun create magical gastronomic trips with the best and freshest ingredients. Live Aqua is so far removed from those in style and approach that it is the flagship of an independent resort brand.

Live Aqua Cancun's parent company, Grupo Posadas, is best known for its Fiesta Americana hotels, high-end properties ideal for businesses throughout Mexico. Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun is for adults only, with sophisticated restaurants, a lively pool and a sensual aromatherapy concept. Restaurants and bars at Live Aqua Beach Resort CancunEating at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun is a pleasure, with eight restaurants and numerous bars and cafés.

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