Are there any restrictions on what activities can be done at an all-inclusive resort?

All-inclusive resorts have some of the most incredible pools with loungers for sunbathing and bars for fruity drinks and snacks. Don't just spend all day at the pool when you can check out other fun activities offered by the resort. From a ton of water sports like stand-up paddleboarding to a yoga class on the beach, try doing something you don't normally do. There are generally dress codes for nightwear at all-inclusive resorts.

Plan to pack at least 2 or 3 outfits for this. You might assume that when you book an all-inclusive, everything related to your trip is included, from plane fare and ground transfers to tips, tips, activities, services, and more. Some full-board hotels charge more for (alcoholic) beverages and snacks, which differentiates them from all-inclusive hotels and resorts. These unspoken rules still apply (in most cases) when it comes to things you should (and shouldn't) do at an all-inclusive resort.

If you opt for an all-inclusive vacation, your stay, unlimited food, drinks, activities and entertainment are included in the price of the resort reservation, at no additional cost. When considering an all-inclusive property, it's understandable that you want to make sure that all the services live up to the descriptions on the website and in the brochure. Sandals resorts have been the scene of so many weddings, honeymoons and vow renewals, that it's safe to say that their resorts are some of the most romantic all-inclusive resorts for couples in the world next to the beach. This is very different from the all-inclusive option, where all meals and beverages are included in the stay.

Some services and amenities at all-inclusive resorts may be temporarily stopped during the coronavirus pandemic. However, if you like exploring a destination, renting a motorbike, going to a volcano, having lunch at a local place, rafting on the river and then having a drink before returning to the resort, an all-inclusive option might not be the best option, since you'll basically have to pay twice for meals and activities, says Roland Alonzi, an Atlanta-based travel and tourism public relations specialist who represented Jamaica for seven years. If you're a PADI certified diver, you'll be happy to know that all the equipment you'll need to explore underwater magic is available as part of your package, as are sailing, water skiing, snorkeling, and other motorized and non-motorized activities. Between this 28-night stay and a shorter three-night stay at another establishment, I discovered a lot of mistakes that can be made when booking, packing, and staying at an all-inclusive resort.

Many all-inclusive resorts have staff whose sole purpose is to sell timeshare, tours, spa services, and improved experiences. Additional charges may apply at a resort for certain restaurants, tours, activities, spa offers, Wi-Fi, premium alcoholic beverages, and room service.

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