Why is punta cana so expensive to fly to?

Travel is more expensive because the Dominican Republic does not yet have a modern “open skies” aviation agreement with the United States. This means fewer options for travelers and limitations on competition between airlines, which cost the user more every time they buy a plane ticket. Considering the low prices and the opportunity to spend time on the beach in the dead of winter, now is the best time to book a trip to Punta Cana. With basic economy class fares, tickets to the city of the Dominican Republic are reduced by almost 50%.

Cities that offer deals to Punta Cana, Newark, New York, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are the only cities that offer nonstop flights to Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ). Once you've chosen your flights, the LATAM website tells you to select a seat on both flights to and from Punta Cana. With crystal clear waters and a warm climate all year round, Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, is another of those perfect island escapes. Set aside some time this winter to enjoy the water or swim with dolphins.

A trip to Punta Cana will give you time to relax.

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